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Getting A Steam Treatment At Home


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Giving your hair steam treatment can help in many ways and it can also keep the hair healthy. The steam helps to open the cuticles of your hair to provide deep conditioning making it look softer as well as stronger. Going to a saloon for getting this treatment can consume lot of time as well as money. You can get the steam treatment at home by using plastic cap and turban towel. Make sure to give extra care while handling these two tools during the styling process.
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To do this process at home, use the moisturizing conditioner throughout your hair and cover it using a plastic cap. Now take turban towel in the bowl full of water and keep it in the microwave till it’s heated. Wear hand gloves and take the bowl out of the microwave once it becomes hot. Next remove plastic cap that was covering your head and place the turban towel over your hair. Then keep the plastic cap again to cover the hair and wrap and scarf around the head to keep it secured. Leave your hair inside the plastic cap with the turban towel for around half an hour by sitting under the hooded dryer. Now you can take the plastic cap out of your head rinse your entire hair with cold water to keep the moisture locked in your hair. Try to style the hair with any variation and you can also any type of hairstyling tools.

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