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Maintaining Hair Straight During Night


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The hair can be made to look straight by following different hairstyling methods, but did you know that is possible to make the hair straight overnight. You must make sure to follow a proper technique before going to bed in the night to make the hair straight. Most of the people think that styling the hair straight can consume more time which is true, but you can also achieve the same look while sleeping. You must have few styling products such as straightening spray, hair clip, boar-bristle brush and satin pillowcase.
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To start the styling process, first take a small layer of hair from top of the head and secure it separately. Now take the bottom layer of your hair and mist it with a spray to control the flyaways. The spray can be used even during humid condition to maintain it without any frizz. Then comb the hair at the lower part using a boar-bristle brush and you can also use more hairspray of required. Next take the top layer of the hair that was secured before and mist it completely using a straightening spray. Now you can lie on the pillow that is covered with straightening spray and make sure that your hair is kept in a proper way so it doesn’t come out of its original position. Brush the entire hair once you wake up in the morning and try to use the same boar-bristle brush to do this.

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