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Using Food Coloring To Color Your Hair


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Hair can be colored using a food color ingredient to keep the hair away from harsh chemicals. It can be used as a semi-permanent hair color that can last for about one month. The color on the hair can be maintained for a longer period if leave it without washing the hair for a long time. You can color the hair without using the food coloring which includes gelatin, drink mixes and even with other Kool Aids.
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First cover your shoulder with a waste cloth to prevent color from falling on your skin. Then take few drops of the food coloring and mix it along with few drops of shampoo in a bottle. You can use lot of food coloring to make the hair darker and try to mix it with water for better result. Now dampen the hair and massage the mixture of shampoo and food coloring throughout your hair. Leave the mixture on your hair between 6-12 hours if you have a dark hair and for those who have blonde can leave the mixture on for just 6 hours. Then wash the hair and dry the hair with a towel. Use a blow dyer to dry your hair further if you have no time to air dry the hair. Don’t wash the hair for another 5 days after this process which can help to make the hair darker and every time you wash the hair it will start to lighten.

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