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Using Glue To Attach Curly Weave


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A curly weave is a hairstyle that can be achieved by anyone and it is normally sewed or glued. The simplest way to create this hairstyle is by attaching it with glue. You must conceal the straight hair which is below the weave to gluing it in a perfect way. Try to purchase the curly weave that is suitable for your type.
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First make a horizontal part near nape of the neck and use this part to create a horizontal braid. You must secure this braid with bobby pins and make sure that it stays in place during the styling process. Try to create tracks in the same way from the nape to front of the head. Now take the long curly weave and brush it using your fingers. Keep the weave over your track near nape of the neck for measuring purpose and cut the weave piece to match the length of your braided track. Next add a little amount of weave glue over top stitching of your curly weave starting from one end to other end of the weave. Place the curly weave over the track in the nape of your neck on the scalp and press it for about 1 minute. Use the same method on the remaining hair strands by attaching the curly weave over the scalp and not on your hair. At last try to conceal the end of your weave by taking loose hair near your front hairline.

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