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Using Thinning Shears To Cut Hair


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Thinning shears are normally used to cut the hair and it will have the same look as the scissors but with more gaps between the straight blades. It is usually used after trimming the hair as per your desire and it is important to follow a proper method before using it over the hair. The thinning shears are mostly used by hairstylist in the saloon and in case you are trying to cut the hair with this at home make sure to follow a proper method. Get some help from a hair specialist while using it for the first time.
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First take a small part of hair on top of your head and getting a proper trim. Then take the hair in the left hand straight out of the head and use your right hand to hold the thinning shears. Start cutting your hair shaft using thinning shears just like the way you use the scissors. You can easily use the thinning shears to cut the hair by leaving the other hair strands its original length. Now open your thinning shears for leaving the hair out and make sure its drops its original place. Make sure to comb the hair which is exceeds the length. Now try to use the thinning shears over the places where you feel there is lot of hair left all over the head. You can also easily use the thinning shears on any place over your head.

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