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Hairstyle With Flat Braid Knot


flat braid knot flat braid knot2
A flat braid knot is a perfect hairstyle that can be worn for any events. Most of the women like to style their hair in a completely different for various occasions and this hairstyle can be a perfect choice for them. It is one of the most techniques that are used to achieve this look and this look can be easily created even if you are doing it for the first time.
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First divide your hair into three parts and take all the three parts of the hair together. Secure this part of your hair with a rubber band and pull the piece of hair that is in the middle of the head. Take this part and pull it over the other strand of the hair to make it the new middle piece. Then pull the right piece of the hair over the middle part and keep it flat over the head. Use this simple technique till you get to the end of your hair and make sure that you are able to create a tight knot till you reach the end of your hair. After reaching the end of your hair try to tie the end of your hair together and loop them around the index finger by pulling ends up into the loop to make it tight. Now you can take the rubber brand out of the hair that was use in the beginning and use the same method on top of the head.

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