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Ribbon Braided Updo


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Styling the hair with different hair accessories can give a unique look. But most of them like to style their hair with a ribbon while creating a braid or updo. One of the best hairstyle that can be achieved with the ribbon is a ribbon braided updo which can be worn for different events. You can easily add more attention to your hair if the ribbon selected looks attractive. If you don’t know which ribbon to choose, just use Greek gold ribbon to make the hairstyle look beautiful.
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To create the ribbon braided updo, first comb the entire hair to make it tangle free and divide it into 4 different parts. Use these parts to create loose ponytails and secure them with an elastic band. Now secure rest of your hair at the back to create a high ponytail and try to loop ends of your tied-up hair over base of your ponytail. Keep them secured using bobby pins to form a normal ballerina-style hair bun. Now use the ribbon to tie it to a small ponytail and divide this part as two different sections. Try to braid your hair with the ribbon like a third section. Secure the braid end using another elastic band and use scissors to cut the excess ribbon. Next take the other section of your hair to braid it normally and secure the ends using elastic bands. Take your braids back and try to loop excess length of the braid around ballerina bun.

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