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Straightening Hair By Sleeping


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Hair can be made to look straight by following different styling techniques, but there is another way that can be used to make the hair straight while sleeping. This method is not used by many as it can only last for few days and after that the hair will come to its original form. There is no need to get any type of hairstyling tools to achieve this look as it can be done with the help of few simple hair products such as wig cap, hair serum and more.
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First use detangling shampoo and apply a softening conditioner all over the hair. Rinse the hair fully with normal water and make sure there is no shampoo left on the hair. Use a towel to pat dry the hair and spread a straightening hair serum all over your hair. Then brush the top part of your hair in front of the head and try to swoop it in circular direction over your head. You must apply more hair serum while brushing your hair to create more hold. You can secure the hair that comes out the part using bobby pins and make sure that your entire hair has been wrapped. Now place the wig cap over the head and secure it neatly from below. Try to sleep with the wrap or you can cover it with a scarf and brush the hair in the morning which will give a completely straight look.

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