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Using Hair Tint Like a Toner


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Hair tint can be used for coloring your hair, but some of them also use it as a toner. The toner is normally used on the hair that gets faded and you can also use the tint instead of the toner for same purpose.  To get green or blue hair tones try to use golden or a neutral color and to achieve gold or red tones, you must use ash or a neutral tint. You can reduce the usage of the tones by selecting the hair that is completely opposite to each other in the color wheel. Here is a method that can be helpful in using the tint like a toner.
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Get a semi-permanent hair color and mix it along with a developer. You must also get the shade which is 1-3 level lighter when compared to your original hair. Choose the shade that can counteract undesirable tones that you want to cover. Make sure to get a strand test done before using the color over the entire hair and cover your shoulder with a waste cloth. Start using the color from root to end of the hair and get it saturated fully after wearing hand gloves. Leave the toner over your hair for around 20 minutes and rinse the hair completely. Use a shampoo to wash the hair after your get the toning color perfectly. Make sure that hair has become completely dry before start to style it as per your desire.

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