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Using Scissors For Thinning Hair


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You can easily thin your hair using normal scissors. You must follow a proper method to use the scissors to do it in a proper way. After thinning the hair you can easily look stylish and you can also use the regular scissors to achieve other type of hairstyles. You can use this method for cutting the hair when it is dry or wet. Make sure you are good in cutting the hair when it wet because amount of hair that is cut when it is wet may vary once the hair becomes dry.
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While using the scissors make sure to take one inch part of the hair at one time which can help to add or remove the hair depending upon the texture of your hair. Brush this part of hair from root to end to make it smooth and straight. Keep this part of the hair between the pointer and your index finger to take about two inches of hair in between the fingers as well as end of your hair part. Make the shears to point into two inches of your hair to cut the straight into this hair part. Don’t thin your hair at an angle as you can remove more hair. Try to cut this part of the hair till you achieve the desired look and use the same method on the other part of your hair. At last comb the hair with your fingers and you can make some adjustments if required.

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