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French Twist Ballet Bun


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A French twist ballet bun is a hairstyle that can be worn with any type of hairstyle. This hairstyle is mostly worn by the ballet dancers as it can give a very elegant look when compared to other ballet hairstyles. You must use mot of bobby pins to create this hairstyle and make sure that your hair is fully clean before starting your hairstyling process.
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To create French twist ballet bun, first comb the entire hair to make it smooth and create a normal ponytail near the base of your neck. Start twisting your ponytail by pulling your twist in the upward motion to create the long vertical shape. Continue the twisting process in the same way till your hair lies flat at the back of the head to form the exterior shape of the bun. Use long bobby pins to keep the twist in place and secure seam of your folded twist at the back of your head with the same type of bobby pins. Then fold your ponytail end just under seam of your twist and keep it secured using few more bobby pins. Now tuck the excess hair just below the fold of your twist and two combs in the seam of your fold for securing thee bun in its place. At last look at the entire look of your hair and try to smooth out flyaways that come out of your hair by misting it with a spray.

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