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Hairstyle With Tight Micro Braid


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Tight micro braid is a hairstyle that can give anyone a very unique and different kind of a look. It is a very popular hairstyle among most of the women and in this hairstyle there will be lot of braids all over the hair that will be braided very tight. You can wear this hairstyle only for around two months and wearing it long can cause damage to your hair.
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To create the tight micro braid hairstyle, first trim the hair at the end if it is damaged y going to a saloon. Then get the hot oil treatment done on your hair by following the instructions written on the package. Try to wear a plastic cap after applying the hot oil on your hair and rinse the hair using cold water. Use a shampoo that is good for your hair type and apply a liquid conditioner. Now take your hair for dividing it into three sections and try to fold right section over middle, then left over middle. Continue to fold the section between right and left till the braid gets established properly. Use the same method on the remaining part of your hair to create the braids and leave the hair to dry on its own. In case you are using hair extensions to achieve this look, use the same technique and make sure to leave at least half inch hair at the back loose before securing it using the rubber band.

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