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Steps To Grow Short Hair Long


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Having a short hair can make it difficult to style the hair in different ways, but it is not possible to make the hair to grow longer faster. You can just make sure to keep the hair healthy so it doesn’t break up during its growth period. Try to follow all these steps without fail to make the short hair to grow longer very soon.
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The most important thing while maintaining the hair is getting haircuts on regular basis. You must get help from hairstylist to cut the split ends once in a month. Tell the hairstylist not to cut the hair too much as you are planning to make it grow longer. Don’t use more heat on the hair by using blow dryer, curling iron or any other heating tools. In case you want to use these styling tools apply a little amount of hair product that can protect the hair from heat. Follow a proper diet and eat foods that are rich in protein which includes fish or chicken and other foods that are high in vitamins including vegetable or fruits. Consuming all these food items can help to keep the hair healthy which is very important for the hair to grow longer. Don’t use too much chemicals while styling the hair as it can make the hair break or get damaged permanently. You can also cover the hair with a hat or scarf in case the hair gets a bad look when it is short.

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