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Straightening Hair With Homemade Conditioners


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Hair straightening is a process that can be followed to make the hair look straight and you can also use homemade conditioners for achieving a straight hair. Even though the hair conditioners cannot maintain the hair straight for a long time you can use them to straighten the hair for a shorter period as well as maintain it healthier. Go to a local store where you can purchase all these natural ingredients to prepare the conditioner that can be used for straightening your hair.
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The most common items that can be used for straightening your hair are natural oils that include avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and you can also use honey and Shea butter to make your hair look straight. In case you have a coarse hair, try to add moisture in it by applying any oil. To do this, first take half cup honey along with half cup olive oil and apply it over the scalp. Leave this mixture on the head for half an hour before washing it using a shampoo. You can also add Shea butter in a cup of honey and use it over the hair to make it look shiny. Style the hair with the help of round brush and hair dryer after conditioning it in a proper way. Prepare your own hair conditioner at home which can be much safer for the hair and it can also help to style the hair in various styles.

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