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Teating A Thick Frizz Hair


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Having a thick frizz hair can be very difficult to control and you must have lot of patience in order to style it in a proper way. Most of the people will have curly hair that can also be frizzy and going to a hairstylist for styling it in a proper way can be costly as well as time consuming. You can use different type of hair gels to make sure which one suits the best for your hair type. Use the hair products that can keep your hair moisturized and don’t brush the hair.
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First thing to do is getting a haircut to control the frizz or you can grow the hair longer which must go more than your shoulder length. The weight of the long hair will make it weight down and making it comfortable to control the frizz hair. Go to a saloon to get proper layers of your hair and make sure to prevent the pyramid shape. Try to style the hair as soon as you get out of the shower. You can also separate the hair into 3 different parts such as one at the back and two in the front. Add hair gel over each section of the hair and rake it using your fingers and make sure that the gel covers your entire hair. After washing the hair leave it to dry on its own or use the diffuser along with the hair dryer with low or medium heat.

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