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Creating A Long Ponytail Illusion


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Ponytails are one of the simple and beautiful hairstyle that can be achieved by anyone. The most important thing in this hairstyle is it can be worn by anyone from young to old. There are different versions in a ponytail that can be created depending upon the length and type of your hair. In case you want to create a longer looking ponytail without using any type of hair extensions, you can follow this simple method.
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First you must make the hair straight in sections by using the flat iron starting from root of your hair to end. Your hair will become straight than it originally was before using the flat iron which can give a sleek look to your ponytail. You can try to create a very stacked ponytail that features two ponytails where one of them will be concealed. In this ponytail one will be lower than other which can create an illusion of the length. To achieve the stacked ponytail, try to divide your hair into two different parts such as top and bottom. Then take your top part to form a ponytail and secure it using a normal rubber band. Next comb your bottom part of the hair at the back to create a ponytail. Another best option to create a longer ponytail is using temporary extensions that can be easily added or removed from your natural hair. You can just clip these extensions with your natural hair to create the ponytail.

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