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Creating Hair Curls With Chi Flat Iron


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A curly hairstyle can be achieved by using various styling tools and once of such tool is a Chi flat iron. This tool is about once inch thick that can provide a good grip with its ergonomic design. The curly hairstyle can be achieved by simply twisting this flat iron around the hair and clamping the hair strands. Be very careful while using the flat iron over your hair as it can become extremely hot.
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Begin your hairstyling by brushing the entire strands of your hair to make it free of tangles. Then secure the hair strands separately with clips. Next take one inch wide hair strand for keeping it in between your flat iron about one inch from root of the hair. Try to press the hair firmly with your flat iron and gently slide it down till the halfway of your hair strand. Now twist your flat iron upwards in a circular motion and try to wrap the entire strand of the hair around the Chi flat iron. You must do the circular motion very slowly to avoid damage to your hands. After twisting the entire hair strand with the flat iron slide it down to the end of the hair before taking it out of your hair. Continue to twist other parts of your hair till it gets fully curled. At last use your fingers to brush the curls in the hair and spritz it with a finishing hairspray.

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