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Hairstyle With Bedhead Curls


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Bedhead curls are the best hairstyle that is mostly worn by celebrities. This style can give a very messy look which can be made to look attractive by matching it with a proper outfit. It is very easy to achieve this look without spending too much time and you can also use a few hairstyling products such as mousse, round brush, blow dryer, curling iron and hairspray. You can wear this hairstyle only for a day and the hair must be styled once again in the next day to achieve the same look.
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First use anti-frizz shampoo for washing your hair and apply a normal hair conditioner. Then add a medium amount of hair mousse after drying the hair with a towel. Divide the hair as large sections for drying it with a blow dryer and make sure to hold the hair as straight as possible during this process. Try to dry the entire hair using the blow dryer along with a round brush in small sections. Now mist the hair with a firm holding spray and try to curl the hair in sections using large-barreled hair curling iron. You must curl the hair after separating it into sections and try to move on to the next section after only styling the first section. Style the hair with your fingers and end the styling by misting it with a hairspray. You can match this hairstyle by wearing hair accessories that look attractive.

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