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Hairstyle With Swish Bangs


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Swish bangs are the best way to style the hair with any type of hair starting from long to short. IN this hairstyle, the bangs will be swept to a side of the head in from of your face. This is one of the unique ways of styling your hair that can give a very attractive look. To create the swish bangs, make sure to start the hairstyling process with a dry hair.
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First take a small part of hair in from of the head and brush it fully to create a triangular segment from top of the head to sides of the face. Take the remaining hair and secure it in place at the back of the head. Decide about the length of the bangs that you are going to cut and hold the bangs a little longer than you actually want them to be. Start the cutting process from tip of the nose and move the scissors in upright position. You must maintain same length of the hair which is must be one or two inch past your nose on both the sides of the head. Next make a side part and cut the bangs once again for adjusting it according to the part. You can use a standard flat iron on the bangs and apply hair serum to make it smooth to get a sleek look or use a blow dryer over the bangs to make it look tousled.

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