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Removing Permanent Color From Hair


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Coloring your hair to with a permanent color can give a really exciting look, but it is not possible to remove the color easily. In case you have colored the hair with a wrong color you can use the following method to remove it with going getting help from a hair specialist. Avoid bleaching the hair at home if you find the color used on the hair is not satisfactory as it can damage it further.
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The best thing in removing the permanent hair color is to act immediately after coloring the hair. If you leave the color to stay on for a long time, it can make it difficult to remove. You can wash the hair using a hot water and shampoo. Try to massage the shampoo on your hair for about ten minutes before rinsing it. Use olive oil after heating it and make sure to saturate it fully over the hair. Then cover the hair with saran wrap and keep the olive oil on the hair for about two hours. You can also get hair stripping package for applying it over the hair a leave it on for few minutes. Now the hair color will be changed completely, you must use another color on the hair to make it look good. If you are unable to remove the permanent color from your hair after following all these process, go to a professional hairstylist to find a perfect solution for your problem.

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