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Styling Hair With Straightening Gel


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A straightening gel is a perfect product that can be used to maintain the hair straight. You can also make the hair look silky when you use the straightening gel along with flat ironing and blow drying. It is possible to achieve different types of hairstyles by using the hair straightening gel. Try to mist the entire hair after it becomes straight with shine serum which can give a glossy look to the hair.
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To use the straightening gel in a perfect way on the hair, you must wash the hair and comb it using wide-toothed brush. Then take the straightening gel in your hand and spread it over the entire strands of your hair from root to tip. Now take two inch hair section for wrapping it with a round brush and use the blow dryer all over the hair. Move the blow dryer along with the round brush several times over the strands of your to make it completely straight. After the hair becomes fully dry, take one inch hair section and secure it with a flat iron for sliding it from root to end to make the hair ultra straight. Make sure to use the flat iron on the hair part by part until the entire hair gets straightened. Round brushing your hair is the most important step in making the hair straight with a gel, so try to use it in a proper way with lot of patience.

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