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Creating French Twist With Butterfly Clip


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A French twist is one of the most beautiful and unique hairstyle that can be worn for special occasions. You can create this hairstyle using various styling tools and the most simple tool that can be sued to achieve this look is a butterfly hair clip. You must select the right butterfly hair clip suitable for hairstyle as it is available in different types of designs.
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To create the French twist with a butterfly clip, first add a medium amount of hairstyling cream in your hand and apply it over the entire strands of the hair. Make sure to apply the cream mainly on top layer of your hair. Then comb the entire hair at the back of the head to make a simple ponytail. Start twisting the hair to make it tight at the head and pull its tail upward at the crown. Continue twisting the hair till it gets secured tightly and now you can use a butterfly clip to close your twisted section. Try to close the butterfly clip in between top and center of your twisted section. At last mist the French twist with a hairspray to complete the hairstyling process. You can try to match this hairstyle with a perfect outfit to make it look more attractive. You can use the butterfly hair clip that matches your dress color than thinking which one to select. Make sure that the butterfly clip has been perfectly fixed on your hair before going out.

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