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Hairstyle With Elegant Bun


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Creating an elegant hair bun can give a beautiful look for any with medium long hair. It is considered to be a very simple hairstyle that can be easily created at home by using few standard styling products. This hairstyle can be worn for any type of event and matching it with any outfit. You must start your styling process with an unwashed hair which can give more grip to the bun after creating it or apply a hairstyling product on a fully washed hair.
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To get this style, first you have to collect the entire hair in your hand near the nape of your neck and twist it in the counter-clockwise. You must twist the hair till it bends back without any support in upward direction and stopping at starting point of your twist. This will become your first circular knot. Use this step to make another circular knot by using the first circular knot as your guide. Make sure that the second knot is place in between your first knot and head. Continue the twisting process to make further knots till the ends of your hair and tuck the hair ends inside the knots. Use two bobby pins in X shape to keep the bun secured in its place. You can also use smaller pins on the hair to keep it secured firmly without any flyaways. Try to mist the entire hairstyle with a normal hairspray to control the flyaways.

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