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Methods To Achieve Shaggy Hair


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A shaggy hair can give a completely messy look for both men and women. You must make the hair grow long to wear the shaggy look perfectly. There are few steps that can be used to make the shaggy hair grow longer than waiting for it to grow on its own. Those who have very thick hair must heavily texturize their hair using the razor to achieve this look. You must also condition the hair regularly to maintain hair cuticle smooth as it grows out.
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The most important thing to achieve the shaggy look is layering your hair which can be done by getting a haircut by going to a hair specialist. You can also create the layers at home if you are good at cutting the hair. In case you have a curly hair, getting a razor cut one in two months can be a best choice and make sure to cut the very end of your hair with the razor. You can also use the texturizing shears for cutting the curls to achieve the shaggy look. If you have a straight hair, then trim the hair ends with the normal scissors before using the razor to add more texture. Those who have thin hair must go to a hairstylist to cut the ends of the hair for adding texture as you must remove too much hair. At last apply a hair texturizing gel all over your hair to create the shaggy look.

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