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Extremely Thick Hair Braid


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Creating an extremely thick hair braid can give a different kind of a look. This type of braid can only be achieved if you have a thick hair. It is very simple to get this hairstyle without using any high end styling tools. In case you have a thin hair, try to back-comb the entire hair once you have divided it into sections till it gets a thicker look.
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To create extremely thick braid, comb the hair to make it free from tangles after separating it into different parts. Secure each of the sections individually using a hair tie and back-comb your hair to make it look fuller. Keep the hair from the head and before brushing the ends toward the scalp with gentle strokes. Keep on combing this section of your hair till it gets a fluffy look. Now take three sections of hair and start crossing the left over middle section, then cross right hair section over the new middle section. Try to take this section in the left hand and middle section in the right hand to do the crossing part. Use the same step to reach till the end of your hair and secure it using a normal hair tie. You must tug the sides of your braid gently to make it slightly loose to give the braid a thick look. Now you can use a hairspray to mist the entire braid to keep it in its place.

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