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Fuller Looking Micro Braids


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A fuller looking micro braid hairstyle is mostly worn the African-American people. In this hairstyle, there will be lot of small braid all over the head that must be maintained in a proper way to keep it look beautiful. You must start this hairstyling process with a cleanly washed hair. Make sure your hair is thick enough to achieve this hairstyle with a fuller look.
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Create a simple small part over your head with a rat-tail comb and pull out a small hair section from this part. Now take the wavy hair extension in your hands about one inch apart and pull the real hair. Try to loop your wavy extension around the natural hair in counterclockwise to make the weave looped along with the hair. There will be three hair pieces left out after the looping process which must be used for braiding. Take first hair piece for crossing it over the right side, then take your second piece for crossing it over left side take the third string and now cross his part over the right side. Continue to braid the hair in the same technique and make sure to keep your braid as close to your scalp. Finally take a small hair strand from your braid and take it over the braid for sending it inside the loop. By doing this you will be tighten the braid and secure it in one place. Use this method on the remaining hair to create the micro braids.

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