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Hairstyle With Twist Crimp


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Twist crimp hairstyle is one of the most beautiful way of styling the hair that is short to long. A short hair can be the best choice to create this look when compared to medium or long hair. This style can give a funky look and most of them wear it for special events such as a prom. You can easily achieve this look with different textures on the hair. It is usually considered to be a fancy hairstyle that can be matched with any type of dress. You must have lot of patience and use good hairstyling products to create this style.
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To create twist crimp with short hair, separate your hair as different small sections from behind the bangs and try to twist them back. Use bobby pins to secure the twisted hair once you reach crown of the head. The hair can be separated in sections with any size, but if you create smaller sections, then it can give a really amazing look. You must b able to create lot of twists all over the head to achieve this look. After creating the twists in all the small sections of your hair try to pull out the bangs and use a flat iron to make straight that must fall across the eyes. Try to using a normal crimping tool for adding more texture in the bangs. Try to use the crimping tool only over the small sections and leave your remaining hair as it is.

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