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Steps To Grow Out Permed Hair


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Hair perming is done by many in the present day to get a unique look. But in case you want to remove the perm from your hair there is no need to use any special method as it can be done easily. You can simply grow out the permed hair if you have more patience. There is no need to perm the hair again and again as it will come out by itself once the hair starts to grow in length. Don’t use chemicals for straightening the hair as it can make the hair to fall. Before starting the process you must decide yourself to stay firm on the decision of growing out the permed hair as it can take few months.
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First apply deep conditioner on the hair after cleaning it before using the leave-in conditioner. Wear hair accessories below the permed area in your hair and try to wear headbands as they can hide your new hair growth. After the hair grows long, try to use curling iron to make the hair visibly straight two inches down the curly perm. You must have a look at the short hair after it grows till the neck level. Now will be able to curl the hair at the ends that has been permed or leave it grow long further. Try to use flat iron for making the curls straight hair and deep condition the hair to make the new hair grow healthy.

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