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Creating A Bob With Roller


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Creating a bob in your hair can give a really amazing look of you style in a proper way. You can use a roller to make the bob look unique especially when you have a short hair. You must just have few simple things for creating this look at home which includes hair rollers, hood dryer, paddle brush and more. Use the following method to achieve this look with the help of these simple hairstyling tools.
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To create bob look with a roller, first wash your hair as you would do normally before using a hair conditioner. Apply setting lotion all over the hair from end to root. Then comb your hair entire hair using the wide-toothed hair brush to remove the tangles and part the hair from front of the head to your neck. Make sure that your hair section is in same length to use it in the roller. Try to roll your hair in the roller from end to the scalp. The hair must be completely smooth before rolling it in the roller and secure each section with the roller on the scalp. Now use a hood dryer all over the sections of your hair for around one hour with medium to high setting. Make sure that your entire hair has become dry before taking the dryer away from the roller. After the hair becomes fully cool, take the rollers out of the hair and style it using a paddle brush.

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