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Removing Shine From Synthetic Hair


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Creating a hairstyle with synthetic hair will give a shiny look which is not liked by some of them who use it. You can easily change the shiny look of the synthetic hair without using any special hair products. Some of them will take the synthetic hair to a saloon to remove the sheen from it, but it is not required. Washing process is very important in reducing the shine out of your synthetic hair, so do it with care.
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You can use the synthetic hair on its own as it will start to lose its shine in few months. If you want to take the shine out immediately, wash the synthetic hair with the wig shampoo and dry it using a blow dyer with cool setting. Try to wash the hair using a fabric softener to take out the sheen easily. You can also mix apple cider vinegar along with water to apply it over the hair. If you are using a fabric softener, begin the process using a weaker solution such as mixing one part of vinegar along with two parts of water. Try to use a little amount of powder all over your synthetic hair which can easily take the shine out of it. Don’t over apply the powder on the hair as it can make the color to fade from your synthetic hair. You must apply the powder on your hands and then spread it over the hair.

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