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Steps To Straighten A Gray Hair


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Making a gray hair straight is not as simple as straightening other types of hair. The gray hair will normally be coarse which can give a hard time while making it straight. It is better to leave the gray as it is without straightening to prevent severe damage to your hair. Going to a hairstylist can consume time as well as money, so it is better to try the straightening process at home. The straightening process will be semi-permanent when it is done on a gray hair.
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Try to consult a hair specialist before starting straightening method to avoid any damage to your hair. Then get a good hair straightening iron that will be available in a saloon store. You must straighten the hair with tools that have ceramic and tourmaline plates as they can be less harmful to your hair. But they can be costlier than other styling tools. Try to blow dry the hair before using the straightening iron along with the barrel brush. You must apply a heat protectant hairspray before using the blow dryer to prevent damage to the hair. Use the straightening iron with less than 347 degrees and try to work it on small sections of your hair. Apply a little amount of anti-frizz serum after the straighten process to control any flyaways. The heat produced by the straightening iron can be very harmful to the gray hair, so it is better to leave the gray hair curly or wavy.

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