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Styling Blonde Hair During Winter


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A winter blonde color must look dark and it can be a perfect choice to suit you skin during this period. Selecting the hair color during the winter season can be very tricky as you must considered lot of things at this time. Having a blonde hair color during the winter season can be a very challenging process that must be done with lot of patience. While styling the hair with the blonde shade, try to look for pictures by going through different websites online to select the best one suitable for your hair.
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First look for the color with dark shades or get help from a hair specialist. Those who have platinum hair must select honey blonde,  light golden blonde or light ash blonde and those who have medium blonde hair must choose dark blonde, dark ash blonde or dark golden blonde. Try to use lowlights over platinum or light blonde hair to maintain it during the entire winter season. It is better to add blonde highlights on the dark hair around your face which can maintain light color in the hair as it is. Don’t use the hair color that is two shades lighter to the natural to prevent a bad look. Go to the hairstylist to consult about the color used on the hair and strictly stay away from the colors that they told you to avoid. Avoid using hair colors as they can make your hairstyle look dull.

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