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Tuck In French Braid


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Tuck in French Braid is an outstanding way of styling the hair that can be worn for events such as a wedding. In this hairstyle, you must create the French Braid as normally as you would do and then the actual tuck in process starts. This style may look very complicated to achieve when you look at it from far, but you can easily achieve it with few simple styling techniques. You must use bobby pins to cover the hair that comes out of the braid and use hair accessories to make this hairstyle look beautiful.

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Start your French braiding process as usual and after reaching the end of the braid secure it using rubber band. Now fold the braid into half and try to tuck the bottom of your braid up just below the center of French braid. Now hold your French braid in one hand and take bobby pins in your other hand. Start securing your French braid using the bobby pins and make sure to use them just under your braid as well as at the side of your braid. You can hide the bobby pins by placing them inside your hair and do this till the entire hair gets secured in place. At last use a normal spray to mist the entire hairstyle to completely the styling process. Now wear a proper dress that can match the hairstyle that you are wearing to make it look completely unique.

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