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Dealing With Copper Hair Color


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You must give extra attention while coloring the hair in red as it can end with copper ends. This color can spoil your hairstyle as it can be completely different from the red hair color. It is not so easy to take out the copper color from your hair as you have to put some additional effort.
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First use the hair color that features ash undertones and using golden undertones can change the look of your red hair to copper. There will be no red in ash color, so you won’t achieve the copper color at the end. Another option is removing the hair color that was applied before so you can easily change the copper color. You can also wash the hair with a shampoo that features blue undertones which can help to remove the copper colors from the hair. The shampoo can be purchased in any salon stores and make sure to consult hairstylist before using them on the hair. Try to bleach the hair before applying any color. You must compulsorily bleach your hair while using the light color on the natural hair. Bleaching the hair can easily take the hair color that was previously used the hair and even though it can be harmful to the hair it can be the best solution. It is also important to color the hair after the bleaching process and use a good hair conditioner to prevent the hair from getting damaged.

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