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Making A Poofy Hair Look Flat


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A poofy hair can be very difficult to style and you can make it completely flat before creating your favorite hairstyle. There are many ways that is sued by the hair specialist while dealing with the poofy hair, but you can also do the same at home to make them flat as well as controllable. Make sure to apply a hair gel all over strands of your hair before starting the styling process and finish it with a hairspray.
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First consult a hair specialist about cutting the hair with thin layers which can reduce the amount of your hair. Then wash the hair with a formulated shampoo that can control the poofy hair and apply anti-frizz serum on the hair when it is little damp before proceeding further. Now you can use a hair dryer with low heat all over the hair and keep the round brush over the hair roots during this procedure. Try to brush the hair towards downward and make sure to move your brush as well as hair dryer for straightening the hair. You can also use the ceramic hair straightener than going for a hair dryer. To do this you must blow dry the hair first brush the hair to remove the tangles. Secure each section of your hair one at a time and secure each of them with hair pins. At last use a finishing spray to mist the entire hair to make it tangle free.

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