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Coloring Your Hair Using Indigo


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Indigo is a color that can be used on the hair to make it look completely different. This color is mainly used on the hair by the people in North Africa and Middle East. The indigo can be mixed along with henna for coloring the hair to achieve different colors such as deep purple, blue-black and more. You can also use both indigo and henna together in case you have black and dark brown hair.
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First cover the shoulder with a normal cloth and prevent the color from falling on the skin. The apply henna all over the hair which can be helpful in absorbing indigo very easily. You can apply the indigo immediately after using the henna on your hair or it can be done later also. Try to mix indigo in the water to create paste and apply it all over the hair. Now the hair will have a completely messy look and cover it using the plastic cap. Leave the mixture on the hair for around two hours to achieve the color you are looking for or you want to achieve much darker color, try to leave it on the hair for some more time. Next the plastic cap out of your head and rinse it as usual with normal water. The hair color will gradually increase every time you use henna as well as indigo for coloring the hair. Avoid bleaching the hair after the indigo coloring process as the hair will become green.

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