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Flexi Rods And Spiral Curls


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You can create spiral curls by using various styling method, but the simple way is using flexi rods. It is achieve this look with any type of hair starting from straight, wavy or curly. The flexi rods can create inconsistent curls just like other styling tools and it can also create simple ringlets. Just like the plastic rollers, this tool can also help to create tight spiral curls all over your head. You can start the styling in the evening time after washing the hair with a standard shampoo and you must be leave the flexi rods in your hair overnight for better look.
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First take a small part of your hair for wrapping it with your flexi rod starting from the hair ends and moving toward the hair roots. The flexi rods must be secured in your hair to stay put it by simply bending ends inward. Continue the wrapping process on each hair section till it becomes fully curled. Then cover the hair with satin hair wrap around the head and to leave the flexi rods in the hair overnight. In the morning you can gently take the flexi rods out of your hair by unwinding the curled hair sections. Mist the entire hair with a holding spray such as a shine serum to keep the hairstyle in place and it can also add more shine into your hair. You can use the flexi rods in different size to achieve mismatched curls.

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