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Steps To Make Short Hair Thick


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Thick short hair can be achieved by following different types of styling techniques. But it is important to maintain the hair in a proper way to make it look thick. You can just use hair gel to make the hair look thick without using any other hairstyling tools. You must keep the hair strands separately during this styling process and don’t use too much of the gel as it can make it look bad. This method is only suitable for short hair and those who have long hair must avoid it.
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First get a hair gel that is suitable for your hair type and then clean the hair perfectly. The hair must not have any type of hairstyling product on it before proceeding further. Keep the hair a little damp which can be helpful in making the short hair look thick. Now use the hair gel to spread it over the hair after applying it on your hands. The hair gel must be applied all over the hair starting from back of the head and moving it throughout the strands including the scalp. Use the same way to apply the hair gel on the remaining hair strands. After you cover the entire hair with the gel use a blow dryer to dry the hair which can give additional hold. Try to flip the head a little upside down during the blow drying process which must begin from root of your hair and move till the end.

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