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Styling Your Hair With Beeswax


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Beeswax can be used in different hairstyling process, but you can use them for creating twists in your hair. The beeswax will be able to provide lot of hold in the twist if you use it in a proper way and it can also hasĀ  natural emollients that can keep the hair in pace. The beeswax is available in the salon store or you can also try to melt the actual beeswax. The beeswax has been specially made for moisturizing and holding your hair.
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Start the styling with the beeswax after brushing your hair fully and take a small part of hair that will be used for the twisting process. You must separate the hair as sections and then divide them into two sub-sections. Keep each sub-section in between the fingers for twisting it which will give the small twisted rope look. After the hair gets twisted, keep a sub-section in your hand and another sub-section in other hand for twisting them together. You must coil each of them across each other to make it look like a coil. After reaching the end of your hair apply a little amount of beeswax to rub the twisted hair together. You can use small amount of beeswax during the styling process if required when the twists try to come out of its structure. But make sure not to use too much of the beeswax on the hair as it can create a buildup in the hair.

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