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Wrapping Hair With Perm Rods


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Wrapping your with a perm rod can help to achieve different kind of a look that can make you stand along in a crowd. You must follow a proper hairstyling procedure while wrapping the hair with perm rods to make the hairstyle look perfect.
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To wrap the hair, add a setting lotion all over the hair once it becomes fully clean and brush it using your fingers only. Then make six parts in your hair about 2 inches wide. First take the first part top of your head from front hairline till crown of your head and second part must come from back of your head moving from crown to your nape hairline Start wrapping the hair parts one by one by keeping your perm rod just below the hair ends moving it toward your scalp. Continue the rolling process till the rod becomes tight near the scalp. Pull end cap of your perm rod just over the rod by plugging it inside the hole over opposite side of your rod. Use the same technique on the rest of your hair and leave your wrapped hair in the hood dryer to make it dry completely. You can take the perm rods out of your hair after it becomes dry and add a little amount of serum all over the hair. Use your fingers to comb the hair by separating the curls and it can also help to keep the hairstyle in place.

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