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Combed Back Hairstyle


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A combed back hairstyle is mostly worn by men than women. But in the present day there are many women who want to wear hairstyles similar to men. This hairstyle is one among them that can be worn with short to long hair and it can be achieved with any type of hair. You can create the combed back look by using just water and to get additional hold use hair products such as a Brylcreem to style the hair in this way. Stay in front of the mirror to achieve this hairstyle without any difficulty by simply back combing the hair.
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There are different ways you can wear this hairstyle such as taking the entire hair at ah back of the head or just comb the sides. If you have a short hair, then combing the hair at the side of the head can a perfect choice as you can create a spiky hair just by combing the hair straight back. To achieve this look, dampen the hair using water or apply a pomade to make the hair get saturated. Take a normal hair comb for brushing the hair at the back of the head to achieve this look. You must keep the same comb along with you when going out of the house to get touch ups when the hair comes out of its place. You can match this hairstyle with a proper outfit to get a completely unique look.

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