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Creating Hair Spikes Using Egg White


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Creating spike in the hair can give a really unique look and it can be achieved by using various type of styling products. Instead of using hairstyling products to achieve this look, you can just use egg white. Using the egg whites can make the hair dry very soon and it can keep the spikes as it is for a long time. This is a perfect to style the hair in spikes without using any type of chemicals.
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To begin, first take one egg in a bowl and divide egg white from egg yolk. Use a spray over the egg whites to take the odors present in it. Start mixing egg whites using a electric mixer with high speed till it becomes stiff. Take beaters from egg whites after stopping the electric mixer. Now comb the hair to take the first section where the spikes will be created. Keep the hair section in one hand and ad a small amount of egg whites on it using your other hand. Start using egg whites on the full length of your hair and style the spike using your fingers at your desired angle. Use the same way to achieve spikes all over the head and leave the hair to become dry naturally. You can mist the hair with more hairspray if needed to complete the styling. If you want to remove egg whites from the hair try to wash it with a normal shampoo.

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