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Temporary Straight Dreads


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Creating temporary straight dreads will help to style in different ways. You must use a proper method to achieve this hairstyle and make sure to consult a hairstyling before proceeding with the styling process. You must have few simple styling tools to get this look which includes hair gel, straightening iron, shampoo, conditioner and a normal comb.
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Start the process with cleanly washed hair by separating it into sections. Then tale the first section near the neck and add a hair gel. Now pull out three inches hair next to the head and twist the remaining hair as per your desire. Resume the twisting process on other sections of your hair and end it at the crown of the head. You must keep temporary dreads in the place where the remaining hair will be kept. Now style the dreadlock with a straightening iron and leave the dreads in the tool for few seconds. Add a small amount of hair conditioner all over the hair including the scalp. You can easily take the dreads out of the hair after washing it with a normal shampoo. Don’t use the straightening iron on the hair your hair falls naturally straight. Avoid using a blow dry to make the hair dry as it can cause flyaways all over the head. It is also important to use the hair gel before starting the styling process as it can keep the hair in place for a long time.

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