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Coloring Small Gray Hair


small gray hair small gray hair2
Having a gray hair can make anyone look old as in most cases the hair turns gray as your age. The gray hair that is in large number can be easily covered, but if they are in small number it can become difficult to cover them. You can just cover your small gray hair by following these simple steps.
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It is possible to highlight your hair with a bright color that can easily cover the gray hair. Highlighting the hair is considered to be easy as you have to simply follow the directions written on the coloring packet. You can also add lowlights on the hair mainly on the gray hair strands and select the hair color that is almost similar to your natural hair. Another option is wearing hair weave that are available in more colors. Try to use a semi-permanent or permanent color on the hair and make sure to match it to the original color of the hair. Be careful while applying a permanent hair color as you cannot remove them till the hair grows out. Another option is using mascara on the gray hair as it can be easily removed after a wash. There are root touch-up kits available in the store that can be used on the hair with a coloring brush. The root touch-up kits will feature a brush that can be used to apply the color on the gray hair without touching the original hair.

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