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Hairstyle With Braided Box Braids


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A braided box braid is one of the most popular hairstyle among many people all over the world. This hairstyle can give a completely new look for anyone who wears it. This look can be achieved by going to a hair specialist or even at home. You must finish all your work before starting the styling process as it can consume several hours to achieve this look. Try to cover the hair using a normal scarf before going to sleep in the night.
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First apply a good hair conditioner all over the hair after washing it. Then divide your hair as different parts and you must have at least four different strands. Now take the hair part to create the braid from the first section by crossing left section just below the middle hair section and take right section just below middle section to make the braid. You must braid your entire hair section from the root till end. Use black hair band to keep the braid in place and take another hair part from first section to braid it in the same way as the other. Continue the braiding process with each sections of your hair in the same manner. After braiding the hair with all the sections there must be lot of box braids all over the head. Avoid braiding the hair too tight as it can make the hair to break very easily and sometimes even cause hair loss.

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