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Hip Shag Hairstyle


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Creating a hip shag hairstyle is very simple and make sure your hair is long enough to achieve this look. You must known to cut the hair by yourself to get this look and try to cut the hair on top of the head before starting the styling process. This method of haircutting can b perfect on a straight hair and those who have curly or wavy hair must go to a hairstylist.
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First clean your hair by using the clarifying shampoo and place a towel around the shoulders. Brush the hair and make a small part in the middle of the head. Take the entire section towards back of the head and start cutting the hair two inches straight line over the hair. Now part your hair from one ear to other over your head. Divide this hair part using your two side sections starting at a corner of your forehead. Now take the hair section from top of the head and take it in front of the cheek for cutting it across with a straight line. Next take the straight on top of your head in 180 degree angle and pull out another part for cutting your hair. Continue to cut the hair until all of them stay in the same length. Now take the side hair part to cut it in the same length as the top hair section. Make sure you entire hair is cut in the same length to end the styling process.

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