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Straightening A Matted Hair


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A matted hair can be very difficult to control and if you are planning to straighten the hair try to follow a proper method to prevent any damage to your hair. Most of the people will try to unravel the matted hair by just cutting them which is not required as it can be unraveled with these following steps.
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Go through your hair first to look whether it is matted as sometimes you can brush the hair to make it normal. The matting hair can become very bad in case the hair gets damaged. Once the hair becomes smooth, your hair must slide past on each other. You can also apply oil to saturate the hair and wear the conditioning cap on your hair after the saturation process. Leave the cap on for around half an hour or more to make the hair moisturized. Now the hair must become fully straight or you can try another process. Try to brush the hair from the end of your matted hair to make it loose. Apply a hair product to make the matted hair loose and leave them on for more than half an hour before conditioning the hair. Look at the hair which will become fully straight and in case these things fail to work for your hair, get help from a hair stylist as they can cut the hair to make it normal. Then you can use any type of straightening process.

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