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Advantages Of Green Tea On Hair


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Green tea is expected to have health benefits and it is available with antioxidants that can fight against bacteria. Apart from health benefits, it also supports in hair growth. According to a research, green tea is known to increase the hair growth as well as elongation of hair follicle. It can also be used on the scalp to keep it healthy.
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Consuming green tea is expected to provide a protein that can enter into the bloodstream and move to the enter hair follicles. But, it will later on change into a hormone that is expected to cause male hair loss. The tea also features vitamin C and vitamin E which are the most standard ingredients that helps in conditioning your hair. Vitamin E can prevent dry hair or other hair damaged and vitamin C can prevent the UV radiation from entering into the hair. The green tea also has panthenol that can keep the hair strong as well as soft by preventing the split ends. It can help in conditioning the scalp by removing and also reducing inflammation. Purchase a shampoo featuring green tea and you can also use the green teat for rinsing your hair after washing it with a normal shampoo. There are also many anti-dandruff shampoos that have carcinogens which can be used as an alternative to the green tea. A shampoo with green tea ingredients will not feature any type of harmful chemicals that can cause damage to your hair.

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