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Hairstyle With Retro Bangs


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Retro bangs are one of the classic ways of styling the hair and anyone can achieve this look with any type of hair. This hairstyle has been very popular among Hollywood celebrities as it can give really amazing look. It can also help to cover your forehead if you don’t want to show them.
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Start the cutting process with a washed hair and dry it using a blow dryer. You can also go through photos of other people with retro bangs to get some idea before proceeding with the hairstyling. Separate the hair in the middle of the head and take right side section down from one point in front of the face and keep the other hair section secured at the back. Use the same method on the left side of the head before proceeding further. Now brush the bangs and look at its thickness and shape. You must decide about the length of your retro bangs before cutting them. Start the cutting process from center of your fringe and move to the edge by angling the scissors a little upwards during the cutting process for getting this look. Now you have to cut the bangs on the other side of the head in the same manner. At last comb the bangs and make sure that the bangs on both the side of the head look same. In case you find any loose hair try to cut them with the help of scissors.

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