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Making Your Hair Grow Straight


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A straight hair can be used to style it in different ways and you can be achieved a straight in many ways. But it is possible to grow the hair straight as it starts to grow on your scalp. Just follow this simple process for making the hair grow straight and long. Always wash the hair using the moisturizing shampoo to maintain the straightened hair in a proper way.
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Use the moisturizing shampoo that contains protein for washing your hair and use cold water for rinsing the hair. This will help the new hair to prevent dryness and lubricate the hair strand. Use a conditioner after washing the hair that can be helpful in growing the hair straight. Brush the hair using wide-tooth hair comb starting from the end and move to the roots. The hair at the roots will be a little curly, so give extra care while brushing in this area and don’t put more pressure when the hair is wet. Get haircut at least once in a month by visiting a saloon or you can just trim hair ends at home using the normal scissors. Cut the hair at least half inch to keep it in the same length during it growth. You can braid your hair when it is still wet after washing and leave it to dry before unbraiding it. The straightened hair will be fragile as it has to undergo chemical process, so taking care of them it very important.

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